West Palm Beach FL

Exploring West Palm Beach

Located along Florida’s Atlantic Ocean coast and home to over 100 thousand Floridians, West Palm Beach offers something for everyone. Boasting great year-round weather with some of the finest beaches in the nation, the area is a great place to visit or live.

Exploring the city will lead you to great shopping, fine dining, world class entertainment, museums, and more.

West Palm Beach
West Palm Beach FL

A Brief History of West Palm Beach

In 1894, West Palm Beach became the first incorporated municipality in Dade County and South Florida. Over the next few decades the city grew steadily, with most residents working in either the tourist industry or the winter vegetable and fruit trade market.

During the 1950s West Palm Beach was one of the fastest growing areas in the nation. In part because of the soldiers returning from war, and also the advent of air conditioning allowed for comfortable living in the subtropical climate.

Is Your West Palm Beach Property In Need Of Professional Restoration Or Cleanup?

West Palm Beach FL Restoration Services

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