Sewage Damage Cleanup

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Emergency Sewage Cleanup

Water related disasters cause damage that spreads and increases in severity with every passing minute. To add to the emergency, sewage water is contaminated and may contain highly toxic pathogens and bacteria. Because of this, the sewage cleanup services should always be handled by a professional sewage damage cleanup company. 

Remediation 911 offers 24/7 emergency response services so that when your home or business is damaged by a sewage disaster, you can rely on us to respond immediately. We provide quality sewage backup cleanup, sewage damage cleanup, and sewage damage restoration services in Palm Beach FL and beyond.

Sewage Damage Cleanup

common causes of sewage damage

Sewage damage can be caused by a variety of different factors, so having a restoration company that can both clean up and repair damages of all kinds will save you the hassle of finding several contractors to help you recover from your sewage damage. The most common causes of sewage damage include

Clogged Pipe

Pouring Grease Down the drain

Damaged Pipes

Tree Roots

Remediation 911 is your locally trusted sewage damage cleanup and restoration company. Our team of certified technicians have the experience and know-how to help you recover from sewage damage that stems from any cause. Our emergency response team offers 24 hours immediate response to your call and can help minimize the damage and stress caused by your sewage damage.

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sewage damage cleanup process

After you call Remediation 911 because you have sewage damage on your residential or commercial property, we will immediately send out one of our sewage damage specialists to complete a thorough inspection of the damage. Our certified technician will identify the cause and extent of the damage, which will allow us to quickly put together a custom cleanup and restoration plan complete with accurate time and cost estimates.

Sewage is classified as blackwater, and the damage caused by it is considered category 3 water damage, meaning it is highly toxic and contaminated, so special care needs to go into the water removal and cleanup process. Dependent on the extent of the damage, there may be considerable amounts of water that will need to be removed from your property. Our team of sewage damage experts will utilize our industrial grade water extraction equipment clear your property of water and minimize any further damages.

Unlike water damage that was caused from a broken pipe in your home, the damage cause by toxic sewage water can tend to be far greater, with our standards of what materials are irreparably damaged being much stricter. Our sewage damage restoration team will safely collect and dispose of these damaged material according to the most current health and safety protocols.

Once the water and damaged materials have been safely disposed of, the sewage damage cleanup team will utilize our industrial grade dehumidifiers and blowers to bring the moisture levels within your home or business property back to a safe and dry state, preventing any further damage or mold growth.

The last step in the cleanup process is to complete any repairs necessary to restore your property to its pre-loss condition. Remediation 911 has the experience and licensing to make repairs of any size or scope.

sewage damage repairs

Depending on the cause of your sewage damage, the extent of the sewage damage repairs may vary greatly. Anything from minor plumbing fixes to major excavation and large scale reconstruction may be necessary to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

As a licensed general contractor, Remediation 911 is able to handle every type of sewage damage repair, no matter the size, without needing to call in a third party contractor. Contact us today for an estimate for your sewage damage repairs.

Sewage Damage Cleanup
Sewage Damage Cleanup

sewage cleanup tips

If your sewage damage is of considerable proportion it’s always best to call your local sewage damage cleanup company for assistance. No matter the scope, here are some tips for sewage cleanup:

  • Take immediate action
  • Keep children and pets away
  • Avoid direct contact with sewage
  • Wear protective clothing

does homeowners insurance cover sewage Damage?

When it comes to sewage damage, insurance coverage can be tricky. If the damaged is caused by a disaster or by something sudden and unexpected, it is typically covered.

However, if there is a sewage backup, or the damage is due to a chronic issue or can be linked to a delay in action or neglect, chances are slim that your insurance policy will cover your losses.

Sewage Damage Cleanup

why choose remediation 911 for Sewage Backup Cleanup

Fast Service

Remediation 911 provides emergency restoration and cleaning services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can expect an immediate response time from one of our specialists, day or night.

Restoration Experts

Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration and up to date with the latest industry standards. We have the expertise and knowledge to restore your property quickly and efficiently.

Advanced Equipment

Remediation 911 has advanced techniques and technologies that allows our professionals to restore your property back to pre-loss condition quickly, reliably, and more effectively.