When disaster strikes… 

How to maximize control & profit by partnering with Remediation 911:

After ensuring the safety of families, friends and employees most building owners turn to roofers and remediation companies for emergency services following a disaster event.  Remediation 911 understands what it takes to earn the trust and confidence of property owners dealing with crisis, confusion, and chaos.  We also know how to capitalize on all the opportunities presented while treating those affected by the disaster with respect, dignity, and full transparency. 

Recognizing the synergy between roofers and remediation contractors, Remediation 911 has developed a Referral Partnership Program seeking alliances with like-minded roofers across the country.  This program will introduce both new business and additional revenue streams for new partners (ROOFERS) and Remediation 911. Our Partnership Program is a reciprocal relationship designed for both parties to receive and refer business.

We are excited to share just how many revenue streams there are in the remediation industry with our new prospective partners and look forward to hearing from you.  Please call or fill out our online registration form to schedule an appointment with Remediation 911’s CEO, Anthony Massimino, personally.

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