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Exploring Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Located just 77 miles north of Miami is this gorgeous small city with an estimated population of 59,000 citizens. Being a principal city of the Miami Metropolitan Area, Palm Beach Gardens is directly along the way to Florida’s most popular southernmost city. Palm Beach Gardens has a total area of 55.3 square miles, and it has a tropical rainforest climate with long summers that are hot and rainy, short and warm winters, and pleasant cool nights. The Palm Beach Gardens Historical Society started operations in 2008 and carries an abundance of information about the city’s history. This society gathers information from all walks of life, ranging from entrepreneurs and executives to artists and teachers.

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A History of Palm Beach Gardens, FL

John D. MacArthur was a wealthy landowner and insurance magnate who had a vision for the land that would become Palm Beach Gardens. In 1959, MacArthur led a drive supported by a group of people to build a city Floridians would grow to love. The portion of MacArthur’s holdings that was submitted to the state of Florida to be incorporated was over 4,000 acres.

Having to clear any and all obstructions that would prohibit development of the city, MacArthur discovered one squatter named Charlie Cooper occupying a dilapidated house trailer. MacArthur quickly moved Cooper to a new home in Lake Park that had running water and electricity. Referred to by many in the area as “Mr. Mac”, MacArthur originally planned to name the city Palm Beach City, but due to the fact that there was already a nearby city having the name of Palm Beach, he decided to change the name slightly. Mr. Mac had planned to build a “garden city”, which prompted him to change the city’s name to Palm Beach Gardens.

After being incorporated as a “paper town” in 1959, which meant that it only existed on paper, rapid development of Palm Beach Gardens would take place throughout the 1960s. The population grew to 7,000 citizens by 1970, and wanting to showcase the city, Mr. Mac wanted to highlight the beauty of Palm Beach Gardens with the help of trees. In particular, he purchased an 80-year-old banyan (fig) tree in Lake Park. This tree was supposed to be cut down to expand the size of a dentist’s office. It cost a whopping total of $30,000 and 1,008 hours of manpower to relocate the tree. The next year a second banyan tree would be moved to the city.

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