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When your HVAC system is experiencing trouble, it is important to address any issues that are hindering performance. Clean air is essential if you want to have a sufficient living experience at home. If you have a clean duct, your home will also benefit from having an energy-efficient heating and cooling system. However, when performance is lacking, cleaning the dusts in the ducts could potentially be a waste of money.

If your HVAC system is not performing up to its standards, please call Remediation 911. We will search through the furnace and the HVAC system and identify any damages, and then we will take measures in cleaning all impacted parts of the system. Restoring your ducts so that they function properly is our top priority. We are the go-to remediation company in Palm Beach, Florida that can effectively clean a property’s ducts

Health Risks Associated with Ducts

If you live in a warm climate state like Florida, you will most likely use an HVAC system to maintain excellent indoor air quality. It is important to have regularly scheduled duct cleaning and checkup sessions because your health condition can be negatively impacted by unclean air ducts. Here are some of the following health risks associated with ducts.

Sinus Infections: Whenever an unclean HVAC unit starts running, contaminated air will promptly spread throughout the house immediately. This can result in people having nasal problems since they breathe in and out dirty air. Having an unclean HVAC unit for a long period of time can trigger your nasal passages to become inflamed and worsen any sinus infections you already have. Sinus pressure, a runny nose, and general pain around the face are typical symptoms of a sinus infection.

Fatigue: Repeated use of an HVAC unit that has unclean air ducts has its consequences when it comes to stamina. Constantly dealing with poor indoor air quality results in dirty vents, which give off bacteria, pollen, and even mold spores that can cause drowsiness and fatigue.

Respiratory Diseases: Knowing that indoor air quality is already contaminated with unclean air ducts, you and your family are at risk of developing respiratory diseases. If your immune system has already been compromised because of unclean air ducts, you will notice that you will get sick more than usual and experience of variety of health issues. These issues include headaches, coughs, sinus problems, and low-grade fevers. Continuing to inhale poor quality air can lead to worse conditions such as bronchitis or pneumonia.

Skin Allergies: Allergens can circulate around dirty air vents within your home via dust particles that are trapped inside the air ducts. This explains why it is highly likely that air coming out from the vents are already contaminated. This can readily trigger your allergies, which include eczema, rashes, and hives. If your skin has a history of being sensitive to dust and debris, then a dirty air duct can only make your skin allergies worse.

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Duct Cleaning Process

The ease of accessing the air ducts will depend on if they have access panels. If they do have access panels, a technician can open it to inspect the most obscure parts of the ductwork. If they don’t, access holes will be carefully cut that can be sealed and reused in the future.

One way many technicians are able to get a clear view deep inside the air ducts where mold, pests, or various obstructions may be hiding is the use of a video camera attached to long hose. This camera will take images and then display them on a monitor so both the technician and the homeowner can see what the camera finds.

When it comes to cleaning the ductwork, there are several different methods to use. The most common method involves the technician initially hooking up a portable or truck-mounted negative air machine to the ducts. This creates a suction effect throughout all parts of the ductwork.

Next, the technician use an agitation device like a rotary brush to dislodge all debris stuck inside the ducts. This is where the negative air machine vacuums up the debris, clearing out the ducts in the process. Alternatively, a single piece of equipment is used to simultaneously break up debris and suck it out of the ducts.

Common Questions About Ducts

Why is duct cleaning so important?

Picture your air ducts as parts of a tree. The furnace serves as the tree trunk, with the large branches, or main trunk line, coming off. The smaller branches that lead to your vents are the air ducts. If something or a combination of things are ailing this tree, then you need to preserve the health of it. The air ducts may be the “out of sight, out of mind” part of the HVAC system, but they are an integral part that keeps the HVAC system going.

What are the health benefits of clean air ducts?

For starters, by cleaning the air ducts you reduce the amount of air pollutants that are currently in the home. This also allows you and your family to breathe cleaner air, which reduces the chance of developing any respiratory issues.

The severity of allergies caused by either pollen or pet dander is also minimized by cleaner ducts. If you suffer from asthma attacks, then clean air ducts can curb that condition. Regularly scheduled cleaning of your air ducts enables a constant checking for mold, which will stop mold spores from causing damage to your overall health.

When should I have my air ducts cleaned?

Regardless of whether you decide to turn on your heat during the cold winter nights or if you turn on the air conditioner during the heat of summer, your air ducts need to be ready for any occasion. An efficiently running HVAC system heavily depends on the ductwork, which keeps your home’s air quality in good condition.

Do not let your HVAC system’s air filters go unchanged for more than three months. It is recommended to change air filters once every one to three months. If you have pets, consider changing filters once per month.

There is a good chance you will be spending more time indoors during the winter, which means your air filter will be trapping more dust, debris and dander. When a filter becomes full, such particles can accumulate in your ductwork.

How can I tell if I have dirty air ducts?

One rule of thumb to follow is to check your air vents. If you notice collecting on your air vent cover and becomes considerably visible despite regular housecleaning upkeep, then you most likely have dirty air ducts. Dirty ducts allow significant levels of dust to be distributed throughout your home. When a buildup of dust or other airborne contaminants exists in the ductwork, these materials can be blown out and collect around your vents and on your vent covers and registers.

How can I prevent dirty air ducts from developing?

Precautions you can take to prevent dirty air ducts include having an in-house maintenance program that is on a consistent schedule, and one that will service your entire HVAC system. First, you can use a reliable MERV air filter and start changing out your air filter on a regularly scheduled basis. Next, you can seal any supply and return air vents and registers before any construction or renovations occur in your home. Make sure your home is kept generally clean and free of dust as consistently as possible. Lastly, if there is any water damage or leaks in the roof or walls, promptly make repairs.

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